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Publication of the 2022 – 2023 annual report

The year 2022-2023 has been a year of unique challenges and opportunities for Damartex in a shrinking economic context, particularly impacting the Silver Economy. It is with a sense of determination and resilience that I share with you an overview of our journey over the past year.

Aware of the headwinds the Group has had to face, this year’s financial results bear the mark of this difficult economic reality. However, despite these challenges, our teams have shown remarkable strength. The creativity, determination and commitment of our employees have been the pillars of our adaptability. We have been able to react quickly to market fluctuations in this complex environment by focusing on our operational priorities, such as proactive purchasing management, a savings plan to serve the business, dynamic inventory disposal and refinancing as part of a conciliation procedure.

Strongly committed to its ambition of becoming a European reference in the Silver Economy, the Group has structured the next stages of its development in its new 3-year strategic plan: 

Dare. Act. Impact. 2026
The roadmap will be guided by four complementary themes:

  • Delivering Financial Performance
  • Innovative Brand Experience
  • Change Our World
  • Shared Leadership

After 2022/2023, a year dedicated to securing the Group’s future, Damartex will focus on implementing its strategic plan and continuing to manage its business rigorously so as to continue to cope with economic downturns.

We are convinced that our future success will depend on our ability to adapt to the profoundly changing economic environment. We remain committed to our employees, our customers/patients and our values, while looking for ways to innovate and invest in the future.

While the economic environment calls for caution, the Damartex Group has a number of important assets at its disposal, including the deployment of the new strategic plan “Dare. Act. Impact. 2026” strategic plan, and the quality and commitment of its employees. With its sights firmly set on the future, Damartex has all the resources it