Affordable luxury at the forefront of sustainable fashion

The history of the Belgian fashion house Xandres goes back to 1927. At that time, it produced work clothes under the name Andries & Co. Since then, the company has expanded into high-end, affordable ready-to-wear clothing.

Very famous in Belgium, Xandres stands for high quality, comfort and timeless design.

It allows Damartex to expand its brand portfolio in the high-end segment for the 50-60 year old target group and to benefit from Xandres’ know-how in wholesale distribution.

Present on the web and in shops, powerful on social networks, Xandres is carrying out its “green” revolution to assert itself as a cutting edge and sustainable fashion brand.

The incredible alliance of Style & Well-being

Damart has developed its love for well-being for more than 60 years. More comfortable than ever, the qualities of Thermolactyl-branded products, the iconic active thermal fibre, have attracted an ever-growing customer base well beyond France, the country of origin of the brand. Also established in Belgium, Great-Britain, and Switzerland, Damart is now recognized as an international reference and now aims to be the European leader in the senior citizens economy.

Well-being: Damart’s added value.
Since the discovery of Thermolactyl, Damart has relentlessly used its technological know how for innovation and to develop new lines of smart textiles.

Damart now brings comfort and well-being in both summer and winter: Refreshing fibres with Océalis®, constant temperature with Climatyl®, warmth with Thermolactyl®… Well-being by Damart, is also offering its loyal customers the opportunity to choose well: at home, comfortably sitting in front of the products showcased in the catalogue or on the website, or with us, in the friendly atmosphere of our stores, helped by the guidance of our qualified personnel.
With 151 stores and catalogues in the main European countries, Damart knows how to be close to its customers!

Home & Lifestyle brands

3pagen, dedicated to the decoration, equipment and adaptation of the home of the 55+.

3Pagen has established itself as one of Europe’s leading mail order companies, particularly in the 55+ customer segment, in the gift market with an original range of clever objects and accessories for the family, garden and home.

Based in Alsdorf, Germany, 3Pagen is one of the leading mail order companies for kitchen, decoration, home and wellness. Since its foundation in 1954, 3Pagen’s success story has been based on offering practical products with an excellent price-performance ratio.

3Pagen’s products are sold in Germany (70% of its turnover) and Austria under the brand name “3Pagen”, but also in France via “Vitrine Magique” and in Eastern Europe through “Magnet 3Pagen”. The company has 550 employees and 2.3 million active customers.

A “so British” way of life favoured by the 55+ population

The company, founded in 1995 by Neil Cooper, markets innovative products for well-being, leisure, health, decoration and cooking. The company joined the Damartex group in 2013. With 160 employees and 1.4 million customers in the UK, the company makes most of its sales through its catalogues (75%) and its website (20%) and has a 2,300 m2 shop in Bishops Stortford (North-East London).

Fun ideas for the home

With more than 15 catalogues per year and nearly 6,000 frequently renewed items, Vitrine Magique offers its 55+ customers a wide range of items for the kitchen, garden and decoration.

Ideas to decorate and equip the whole house. Good deals at low prices, gifts, cleaning and storage products, kitchen accessories, leisure products, gifts, personalised objects, products for well-being…

Founded by the Trois Suisses in the early 1970s, Vitrine Magique quickly established itself as the French leaser of “Great ideas at small prices”. Today, the company is managed by the 3Pagen teams in Alsdorf. The brand has nearly one million active customers in France.

Healthcare brands

The medico-technical service provider

A company founded in 2005 in Strasbourg, France, Santéol employs 46 people. Santéol is specialized in the management of patients with chronic or acute breathing disorders. Santéol offers high-quality personalised support, dedicated to the treatment of nocturnal sleep-related breathing disorders (Sleep apnoea) but also chronic pathologies requiring the implementation of oxygen therapy or even non-invasive ventilation at home.

Partner in home care

Damartex acquired the Normandy company Msanté in July 2021. The latter was born out of a desire and a need to simplify and optimise patient support in increasingly complex medical protocols, which involve various interlocutors. MSanté is a home health care provider specialising in infusion and nutrition and is recognised by the main hospitals in western France. Its team, mainly composed of nurses and nutritionists, innovates by creating a link between the city and the hospital, facilitating the organisation of home care and communication around the patient.

At Almadia, we want to make “Living Well at Home” possible, because we believe that this ambition is within everyone’s reach, with the best possible support. Why is this so important? Because it means enabling a convalescent, elderly or disabled person to continue to live at home in his or her familiar environment, with his or her memories, landmarks and habits. It means respecting their choice not to be placed in a specialized establishment, by providing solutions and services to enable them to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.